Beautiful Mandalas to Transform Your Life

Symbolic Feng Shui Mandalas

Feng Shui Mandalas use the principles of feng shui to attract positive energy to your environment. In feng shui, symbols, colors, and intention are powerful tools for change.

When you start using feng shui, you quickly realize that finding art which is beautiful and also supports your feng shui aims can be a challenge. Here you’ve worked hard to clean up your clutter and rearrange the furniture in your career section, only to realize that the beautiful landscape you’ve made the focal point of the room features (among other things) a charming grave yard. Now, that would be fine if you were an undertaker but you’re not. No wonder you keep losing jobs! That’s where Feng Shui Mandalas come in. They’re beautiful and they’re bursting with powerful positive energy and symbols which support your life aims.

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Good Health and Balance
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Feng Shui mandalas are available for immediate download to be printed on high quality photo paper.  They are intended to be printed and then matted to fit an 11X14 inch frame.  Each mandala comes with instructions for printing and an attractive information sheet that explains how and where to display your mandala.  When you download a mandala, you get the licensing rights to print it twice so you can give one as a gift and keep one for yourself.  We keep track of how many mandalas are sold and when the mandala count reaches 50, we retire that design and create another for that area of the bagua.

You'll notice that some mandalas are not gua specific, in other words they can be displayed in any area of your home.  Gratitude is a particularly powerful emotion and placing that mandala in any area with grateful intentions will enhance that area of your life.

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If you would like to order a feng shui mandala already printed, matted and ready to frame, visit: The More Feng Shui Gifts page where you can order physical mandalas and other feng shui gifts.

The Bagua

Here's a sample of what to expect when you order a feng shui mandala.  The download will be a pdf file which looks something like this:

You'll also get the opportunity to download an information sheet that explains feng shui mandalas and how to use them.  Like This:

Finally you will have license to print your mandala twice - one copy for you and one to give as a gift.  If you are interested it a more extensive license, contact: 

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